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 Cateara Wars Book 1

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PostSubject: Cateara Wars Book 1   Cateara Wars Book 1 EmptyMon Dec 27, 2010 4:36 am

A story of a teen that meets his true calling, a grate war of biblical proportions is approaching and Matt Oten is the key to the Cateara's survival. the Ratose are demon dogs and most despise the Cateara and wish to make them pay for sending them to The Realm Of Kasen a dark and dangerous Realm, can Matt make peace with the Ratose?

A cold night. A dark ally-way. and a brutal fight, this is the start of the Matt Oten story.

"heh.. Matt your a fool for walking in MY ally" said a dark figure in the shadows,
Matt turned around, only to find a fist in his face.
"owww... What was that for?" Matt asked.
"are you deaf? i just told you what that was for.
a freak like you isn't wanted in this ally-way." the figure replied and punched
him again. "heh. me and my friends are going to show you a beating like
you've never had before."
as the figure spoke, 4 more figures emerged from the shadows.

'five ageist one? not exactly a fare fight...' Matt thought.
"hehe. Now we are going to show you the true meaning of pain."
he said as all the figures closed in on him...

Matts mind was hazy after the brutal beating. his ears were ringing.

the figure came into sight. "heh you had anuff?" he asked.
Matt just spat in his face.
the figure wiped it off. "your going to wish you didn't do that."
the figure said as he grabbed Matt and dragged him into the road.
" have fun getting hit by a car freak." Matt unable to move
lay there, helplessly waiting for the approaching semi to flatten him.
'I don't wanna die... not this way...' Matt thought. the semi drawing oh so closer.

'but... i cant move... how can i get away from this?'
he thought as the semi was right on top of him.
'I'm going to die... this is the end...' He thought as he passed out.
Once he had passed out, he dreamed of a Catlike creatcher, it stood
on two legs and its face was blery. "You are not ready, But soon, Vary soon
you shal see. you will understand your desteny."

Matt regained conchesness in a Abandind bilding,
'What a strange dream... were the hell am I?' He thought,
He looked at his hands and 4 of his fingers were in splints,
'Great, Broken bones...'
he uncovered himself and he was in his boxers,
'Thats odd, how'd i get in my boxers?'
he stood up looking around. 'what is this place?'
he walked around looking for a exit and his clothes,
"man its freezing in here!" He said aloud.
He found a doorway and saw daylight,
'okay now i just got to find my pants.' He thought turning anround
and stumbleing back twords the bed,
Matt serched under and ontop of everything he could find,
Frustrated he just headed for the hall way and
started to leave,

he got ten feet from the hall and a girl around his age walked into
the room, Matt froze, Pantless. he covered his privets with his hands
and turned beat red, The girl looked just as shocked as Matt.
"uuuummmm....." Matt knoticed cloths in her arms, "Are thews mine?"
he asked. She nodded, "Well... Can i have them?" she Nodded and
threw them and turned around and Waited for him to change.
Matt threw on his shirt on as fast as hw could and started puting
his pants on,
but is leg got cought in the pantleg and he lost his balence and
fell forward, he landed right next to her. She looked
down at him and laughed alittle, Matt blushed and
fineshed puting his pants on,
he was haveing truble with the zipper cause of the splints.
Matt muttered under his breth,
"damn..... Zipper......Damn.... splents...... damn... Damn.... DAMN!!!!" Matt yelled
"ugh... i give up." Matt turned around and Said, "sssoooo.. Who are
you and who told you that you could remove my clothing?"
She turned around "your clothes were bloody and needed to be cleaned.
you were unconches so i took the enishiteve and took them off."

Matt looked at Shay, "Why am i here?" he asked still dazed from what
ever this girl gave him, "and How am i here?"
Shay blinked. "how do you think you got here?" she retorted, looking at matt.
"I carryed you hear, you practicaly got yourself ru over." her short fluffy tail
flicked back and forth in slight annoyance. "You need to pay more attention,
I mean really, for a cat kid you'd think you would be able to
tell if there was a truck comming." she bent over, takeing one of mats arms in her hand.
"that and you have cuts and bruises all over you... what happend?"
Matt gave Shay a funny look, 'cat boy?' He thought.
"oh... uh these guys i know beat me up." He replied.
Shay supressed a slight hiss. "well... why'd you let them?" she asked,
flicking her ears in annoyance. "the least you could have done was fought back..."
she looked at the back of matt's hands. "the marks hear arent from inflicting wounds,
but from being wounded." she looked at Matt. "come on you didnt just stand there
and take it did you?" Shay asked with a scornful look.

Matt looked away, "ive... ive never really liked to fight." he told her.
Shay gave him a look. "Thats understandible but thats not going to get you out
of a fight thats already started." She told him, giveing him a seriose look.
Matt looked away, he didnt want to reveal that when he fought, he had the tendinsy
to go overbored and really gave the aponit a world of hurt.
Shay shook her head, "well your going to get yourself killed if you
keep that up." She told him, He didnt replie, 'if it really came down to it,
i would fight back.' he thought, Rubing his eye with the splinted hand.
"Ow! Damn it." he said as pain shot up his arm.
Shay looked consurned, "lemme see your hand." she told him,
Matt did as he was told. Shay placed her hand over his, then mumbled,
"i dont get it my healing powers dont work..." She shook her head.
'powers?' Matt echoed in his mind, 'is this girl compleatly batty?
Cat boy, powers, She might have escaped from a Insain Asylum?'
The thought consurnd him, 'what if she trys to kill me?' He thought,
'Idiot, if she wanted to watch me die shed left me in the road to die by that

Matt sighed, "So why did you save me? you dont even know me."
he Asked, Shay gave him a puzzled look. "Why wouldn't I? your the
same as me, if i left you there, I May as well killed you myself."
'Thats what im afrade of...' he thought. his stomach squealed with hunger,
Matt smiled and rubed the back of his head, "Guess I'm hungry." He admited.
Shay smiled, "then what do you want?" She asked, "I'll get it for you."
Matt thought about what he wanted, "A Ham and Cheese sadwitch sounds good
Right about now." Shay dashed off befor he had finished, "jeez, no rush..."

Matt had fallen a sleep befor Shay returned. He felt something proding
at his ribs, "oowww... Casy go away... I dont wanna go to aunt Mayces house...
it smells like Dog, smoke and old people..." Matt said sleeply and roled
over, "Casy?" Shay Echoed, "No you twit! your foods here!" Matt sat up as
soon as Shay said "food" and snatched the bag from her. "Aw sweet thanks!"
Matt started gobling down the sandwitch, "Jeez, no rush..." Shay said,
then she started gathering her medical suplies, and shuving them into a box.
"you sure are prepaired." Matt commented, wondering were a Insain Asylum
patient would get so meany suplies. "I have to be with the task I have."
Shay Replied.

Matt tilted his head. "and what task would that be." He asked with intrest,
She turned and looked into his eyes "I am a protector of peace for the Cateara
and human races." she said with a seriosness that made Matt bleave she bleaved
in what she had said, Thew, HE didn't know what she said. "Cateara?" Matt echoed,
"whats that?" he asked, looking theroly confused.
Shay gave him a look of confution back, "you mean you dont know what you are?"
Matt shook his head, puzzled. Shay frowned, "Then you cant see what i am can you?"
she asked, "your human... arnt you?" Matt replied, looking more puzzled.
Shay shook her head, "you must not of releast your iner Cateara yet have you?"
she asked her gaze hardning, Matt shook his head again.
"Then I shal show you what my true- Our true form is,
the ninty illusions of the white torch,
corrupt demons, calling of control,
the fifty hexs of soul revealing,
cerimony of law, charm of careing
the twenty claws of the agile cat death defying song of spirit
i call apon you now! chains of illusion! retreat!"
Shay's human from disopeared and a Cat like Creatcher
apeard simaltaniusly, She was wairing a black Roab and pants that
matched, she had a Sword on her side, the hilt was black and dark red,
The shith was black with gold righting that Matt didn't understand,
to him it looked like Japanis, thew he didnt know for sure.

She opend her eyes and stared at Matt with her beautiful green eyes,
her ear twitched and she said to Matt, "This is the true form of the Cateara.
Your true from looks some what like this." Shay told him.
Matt was speachless, 'I'm like her? I'm one of these Cat things...? When the Hell
did this happen?!' Matt thought, looking at his hands. There was no fur, no claws,
No pads like a cat. "Matt i know this is hard for you to understand, But every thing
I am telling you is true." Matt looked up at her, "You are a Cateara, just like me."

(to be continued...)

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PostSubject: Re: Cateara Wars Book 1   Cateara Wars Book 1 EmptyWed Jan 12, 2011 1:01 am

kik arse ^^ as it it every other time ive read it ^^
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Cateara Wars Book 1
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