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 Kay-nine force

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PostSubject: Kay-nine force   Kay-nine force EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 10:29 pm

Moriko's eyes snapped open and she suddenly sat up in bed. Her breathing was irregular, cutting choppy gashes in the silents of the night , and her eyes glitterd with the fear of a frightend prey animal. he dream had rturned more vivid than it had in prvious nights; the blood ... the voises and the flashing of claws and fangs in a fury of fur and fire.
She sat on her little bed, the once comforting dark brown walls of the room seemed suffocateing and compressing now. The torn sheets under her had come loose from the matress, and the blanket had been thrown from the floor.
"Just a dream..." Moriko repeated to herself over and over; her steady words forming an eerie chant. She brought up her hands, cupping them over her face; her face... she needed to see her face.
Moriko took another rasping breath and jumped from her bed, rushing to the light switch and slamming her fist down. The lights came on with a dazziling brightness and for a split second a silent scream echoed in her mind. She was so dizzy, barely able to keep herself up. The mirror accros the room reflected her face; compleatly blacked out, thouigh it was only temporary wile her eyes adjusted; and the fear quickly subsided.

Moriko breathed a sigh of releif, seeing her image in the flawless glass.her eyes were there normal, golden color; her ears human and her mind clear. Walking closer to the mirror, she took a closer look. Her thick brown hair was tangled and messy, though stilling hanging down to the small of her back. Her tanned skin, unatural for this time of year, seemed even darker in the dark of her bedroom.

Moriko sighed again, picking her brush up from the table and running it through her hair; wincing as the pin pulled through each tangled knot. She was happy she wouldnt have to worrie about her dutys today; thi was the third time that night she had woken up like this, and she was dead tierd. She hated the feeling, deprivation of the sleep she so desparatly needed, robbed by her horrable dreams.

"Moriko... are you up again?" A soft voise behind her caussed Moriko to flinch and she spun around, her eyes flashing before realizeing it was only her sister suzu.

Suzu was a young girl, only 10 years of age. She has short tangled ginger hair that she kept up in two messy ponytails, and large innosent eyes thats shon a orange-brown color, even in the dark of the room. Her eyes werew half open and her breathing was slow and calm from her sleep. She stood in the doorway, one hand still on the door handle an dher other against the frame. Her pink pajamas were creased and wrincled from her own sleep, Moriko hesitated;

"I'm sorry, did i wake you?" ashe asked comming over and opening the door for her sister. Did she hear me just now? She wonderd , her eyes flicking accross her sisters face.
"No i woke up on my own... but i heard you talking to somone." Suzu answerd, blinking sleepily. "Is somone here?" Moriko smiled.
"No of course not, i just had a nightmare." she admitted, turing arround and takeing a couple steps before flopping onto her bed. Her body was sprawled lazily accross the matress and her feet hung limply over the edge.
"again" suzu asked , a hint of disbelief in her tone. "dont you think a teenager would have nightmares anymore?" she asked, tilting her head. " and i did hear you taking just now." She insisted, comming over to the bed and jumping up beside her sister. "tell me about it!"
"About what?" Moriko asked, her voise strained and her tone already one of exasperation.
"about your dream! was it scary? were there dogs again? i like dogs! and bad guys and fighting?" she persisted. pokeing Moriko playfully at each key word. AShe was already wide awake and she wanted to hear about her sisters dream.
"yeah... scary dogs and bad guys..." she grumbled, rolling over and shoving her face into the tatterd remains of her pillow. just go away! Moriko willed her sister to give up and leave, but as expected it didnt happen.
"come on! please? I'll leave you alone after i promice!" Suzu continued to poke her sister. Moriko let out a low growl.
"Fine." Moriko brought her hands back up by her head, pushing herself back up and into a sitting position. "ok, its like this." she started. "Amaya and I were walking through the forest just outside of town when a demon appeared, full of wind and fire." Moriko discribed the beast in her dream as simply as possible so her sister would understand.
"In the dream, the monster attacked us and Amaya and I turned into dogs. Amaya was a small golden dog with a black stripe down her back; like a fox but taller. I turned into a bigger dog, thicker fur and dark brown instead of tan." Moriko held her hand out and over the edge of the bed, showing the height of the wolf so her sister could visualize. " Amaya and I start to howl for help; and before we know it, there are a bunch of other dogs around us. one was spotted with beautiful colors with big round ears; another, not as tall as the first, a silver grey color and the third was another large dog like me but with beautiful markings on his face and accross his fur." she smiled a little before continueing. "and there were two others; a big white one, and an even bigger black dog; both with bright gold eyes." she finished, her own eyes flashing up to her sisters face.
"just like yours!" Suzu said playfully, bouncing slightly on the matress.

(will be continued)
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