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 Kay-nine force

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PostSubject: Kay-nine force    Kay-nine force  EmptyThu Nov 18, 2010 10:50 pm

Alright, In this RP, your character may be either Human, Weatherbeast or a Human/animal hybrid.
This Roleplay revolves around a story im writeing; so sertain things will not be allowed and some things will be restricted; but not to dramaticaly.
The theme of this RP is the "Kay-nine force". This is a large group of hybrids that are half human and half canine. The K-ay-nine force is a special group of hybrids that dedicate there lives to helping humans by fighting the "Weather beasts" who attack them. why do they do this? Most of the memebrs of the Kay-nine force have tragic backrounds; and come to join the force because they have no were else to go. The Kay-nine force fights to protect humans because canines were named "mans best friend". They have a debt of loyalty and honour to pay off to the humans, even if the humans themselves have fogotten.
The Kay-nine force is split into two packs; a defending pack and an assault pack. there is an alpha and alphena for each pack as well as a beta and omega. thease groups run like a wolf pack would.
The assult packs job is to travel, and defeat weather beasts away from the bace; were as the defenders stay near, and fight nearer to the bace.
The defending pack also has members that have more skills in healing and medical abilits; because if they lack fighting ability; then they are close to help; and in turn can help others.
The Kay-nine force is a community; and has no one leader. the male and female alphas of each pack work together to costruct the forse's orginazation and efficientsy, and all oppinions are always taken into consideration.
The Kay-nine force will NEVER allow a non-canine hybrid to join them... its just the way it has beed for generations; and they have always been taught that if they did as much, then misfourtion would befall the packs.
The Kay-nine force base is like... a massive treehouse it has many passages and networs all throughout the treetops in the forest just outside a city know as "shenya". The bace is well hidden; a human or animal could walk directly beneith it without ever noticeing a huge comunity of hybrides directly above. In the base, there are rooms for each and every member witch they may decorate however they want. (EX. furniture, paint ext.)
The Kay-nine force mebers almost NEVER live in the bace; as a matter of fact, most of them live in the city with friends or family; and have jobs of there own to get money and food. (though there are some who do live in the wild, more like an animal than a human)... its a lifestyle choise ^^.
There are other packs and tribes of canine hybrids out there; not all canines want to be a part of the force. Some even dispise the thought of helping humans.
There ARE other hybrids out there, you dont have to be a canine.
Every hybrid has three forms; full human, half human/half animal, and full animal. The full animal form is ALWAYS larger, stronger and faster than the average animal; because they need to be able to fight weather beasts in such a form. There animal form is also referd to as there "battle form" because it is there strongest form.
Hybrids have LONG lifespans, up to 1000 years. A hybrid always starts human, and will "Klorr" (when your hybrid powers awaken) at around the age of ten. "Klorring" early can be dangerous and overwhelming to a young person. Klorring late is uncommon, but normal.
OK we all know the jist about how animals can scence a storm comming? well, thants because the animals can see the weather for what it really is; a weather beast. Hybrids also have that ability, and that is why they are able to fight against them, and regular humans cant.

What is a weather beast?
a weateather beast is a demon; pure evil that takes on the general appearance of a weather distater or occurance (depending on the level) ; The higher the level, the higher its strenth and intelegence (eg. a more powerfull beast will take on the form of a huricane, wile a weak one might simply be rainfall). There has never been a "good" weather beast, and never will be. The levels range from 1-5, one being weaker beasts and five being extremely powerfull.
LEVEL 5 WEATHER BEASTS do not look like weather distaters. there are two types of level five weather beasts; one a "battle beast" and the other a "death beast".The battle beast is dragon-like in appearance; its powers are over elements rather than weather disasters, and there powers are reflected in its appearance. (eg. blue for water, red for fire ext.)
The deathbeast is the stronger of the two, and is able to take on any form and can control every element and all kinds of weather. A death beast also has the strange and dark ability to posses a person (a good way to go if you want to leave the RP) and the ability to regenerate; even if they should be dead. A deathbeast is virtualy unkillable exept by there own kind; but they ARE defeatable. There will only be one deathbeast allowed in Roleplay.
You may determine you own rank (level 1-5) if you choose to RP a weather beast. Please just take into consideration the following : a level one beast will be like a small rain shower or a strong breeze, nothing that would hurt any more than the smallest of creatures; were as the level 5 beasts are distructive and powerfull. level 3 is about the strenth of a trained warrior hybrid;level 4 will need a strong group to fight, level two is easy to train young hybrids against.

Humans are a pretty important part of the RP. There have been some who have "klorred" and turned into hybrids (its a ginetic thing), and others who have simply learned about hybrids and weather beasts on there own, befriend them, join them (though not the force >cough<) or discover them and keep it a secret. Most humans wont beleive storys about them, and some even hate and go after them; after all, a hybrid in a zoo would rake in alot of money right? Just to put it out there, a human wouldnt be a boreing RP choise. If you are human, feel free to have a pet accompant you if you want, though it wont be a major RP character.

If you choose to RP a hybrid; any animal will be accepted as long as there arent to many already. Please make your bio form like so:

age apprearance:
(images are allowed were needed)
appearance (human):
appearance (half human/half animal):
appearance (full animal):
personality (at least two sentanses):


~~Weather beats~~ ... <<<<EBIL!!!!!
Type (pick a weather disaster, this will determin your type and the powers you can use):
appearance (be creative!):
Personality, evil.. and what else? :

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Kay-nine force
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